In the beginning...

There isn’t a career test out there that pin points who should be a curtain maker, or upholsterer, or just maker of beautiful things.  So, where in the world did it start with me?  How did I get this idea to create?  Well, I think I was always creative and always interested in making my little corner of the world pretty. 

I grew up in a lot of dysfunction and my room was my happy place.  It wasn’t big, but it was mine and it had a small window that felt like it was in the clouds every spring when the Bartlett pear in our backyard bloomed.  I found myself asking for lamps, art work, bed spreads, and more for every birthday and Christmas.  I wanted anything that would help transform that space into something just perfect for me.  Red was my color of choice and boy did I know how to use a pop of color.

As I grew older I found myself working after school at a craft store.  I loved working in that store.  Every isle was full of things that were just a few steps away from becoming amazing.  I didn’t know then but I was learning to really appreciate “custom” items and the value behind having something that is just perfect for a space and unique to my home. 

During high school, we moved and my sister and I had to share rooms.  That meant my signature color would no longer work.  My sister and I picked out inexpensive comforter sets and while they were nice in the room, the room was missing something.  It was white and didn’t have a lot of character.  Our beds had drawers on the bottom so the bed skirts that came with the comforter set were not needed and my creative mind all of a sudden had a plan.  Those windows in that house had no molding and the metal mini blinds were not helping the situation.  I used my employee discount to purchase a couple of bottles of craft paint, a roll of masking tape, and some ribbon.  I taped off a border around the window and went to work with the paint creating a beautiful trim around the windows.  While that was drying I started reworking those bed skirts into pretty swags using the ribbon I purchased.  Once the swags were in place the room had character, color, and something special.  Somehow in this boring, dare I say cheap, rental I was able to add some style on a budget.  It was amazing how some paint and leftover fabric could transform a space.  I didn’t know then that this was the moment that I inherently learned the importance of dressing a window.

All these years later, after a long and healthy career in IT and project management my path has come back to making spaces beautiful.  It really happened very organically – some might call it destiny.   

An Open Window