Best Arched Window Coverings

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Best Arched Window Coverings

Whether you’re remodeling or just want to update the look of your home, one of the first things you need to do is get arched window coverings. They not only add to the beauty of the room, but they also help keep the air in the room comfortable.

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

Getting the right arched window covering is no small feat. These unique windows add style and charm to your home, but they can also pose a few privacy issues. Fortunately, there are a number of options to choose from. These include shades, drapery, and even blinds. Whether your arched window is square or round, you can be sure to find the perfect window covering for your needs.

Arched Window Coverings
Arched Window Coverings

In particular, you will find a lot of cellular and honeycomb products on the market today. These are ideal for insulating and filtering light, thereby lowering energy costs. These are also available in a variety of designs, such as vertical or horizontal. There are even shades that can be used on half-moon windows. The best part is that they can be customized to fit your needs. Regardless of your window treatment needs, you are sure to find the right one for you at Longview Blind & Shutter. These savvy professionals will help you pick out the right window covering for your home, and even custom build a unique solution to your specifications.


Whether you have a small arched window or a huge arch, there are a number of great window coverings to choose from. These coverings will not only provide privacy and light control, but they will also add texture and color to your home.

For a simple way to cover arched windows, valances are a good choice. These decorative curtains come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. They can be layered with other window treatments for a sophisticated look.

Another option is a cellular shade. These are made with rows of honeycomb-shaped cells that help filter light and protect against extreme weather conditions. This type of window covering is typically constructed from durable polyester. It can be raised or lowered to provide the level of light and privacy you want.

Shutters are another option for arched windows. They are custom-made to fit your windows, and they allow you to control the amount of privacy you want. They come in a range of designs, colors, and styles, and can be painted any color you like.


Adding valances to arched windows is an easy way to add a touch of beauty to your home. They can be made from heavy or light fabrics, and they are available in various styles. They can also be used to complement other window treatments, such as curtains or blinds.

These draperies can be hung in different ways, such as from short curtain rods on the sides, or from longer rods at the top and bottom of the window. The hem of the curtains should accommodate the curve of the arch. If you prefer, you can also tie the hem back on the side to keep them open.

Arched Window Coverings
Arched Window Coverings

Another way to add a touch of style is to hang decorative curtain tiebacks. You can place these in the center, on each side of the arch, or just at the beginning of the vertical descent. You can also hang a sheer fabric over the arch. This will lighten the room while still allowing natural light to enter.

Plantation Shutters

Choosing the right window treatment for your arched windows can be challenging. If you’re looking for a window covering that can enhance the beauty of your windows while providing privacy, then plantation shutters may be the answer you’re looking for. These beautiful, custom-made window treatments can be tailored to your unique windows.

Aside from allowing you to control the amount of light and temperature entering your home, these shutters can be designed to fit your specific window shapes. This makes them an ideal option for any room in your house, including your bedroom.

If you’re looking for an elegant, durable, and long-lasting solution for your arch shaped windows, then wooden plantation shutters might be the answer you’re looking for. They offer a classic, timeless style that will work well with most decors.

These stylish window treatments are also very easy to clean. Once your guests leave, you can easily remove the slats and wipe them down. They are a great way to add elegance to your living or dining room.

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