Hit The Road in Style: Upgrading Your RV and Houseboat with Window Blinds and Shades

Hit the Road in Style Upgrading Your RV and Houseboat with Window Blinds and Shades

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The best blinds for your RV windows will depend on several factors, many of which are related to where you plan to travel! Are you parking in a crowded area and needing privacy, or are you at the beach battling glare from the ocean water, or are you off the grid skiing or snowmobiling?

Glaring light is just one issue that campers must constantly deal with when on the road – and off. Privacy is another. While campfires are often a welcoming beacon for making new friends, some sites in RV parks may be a little too close for comfort, so you need something such as camper blinds to keep neighboring eyes from seeing in.

The bright sunlight when traveling reflects off every shiny surface in your RV or in your houseboat, causing major eye strain. It’s important to take several things into consideration to choose the very best specialty window treatments for these traveling applications.

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Features To Consider When Looking For The Right Specialty Window Treatment To Fit Your RV Or Houseboat

Your windows and doors aren’t very similar to the windows and doors in your home, except that they open and close. Otherwise, houseboat and RV windows have many other specialty items that need to be met for them to operate properly and look fabulous as well.

Window Depth

RVs and houseboats typically feature very narrow windows with little depth, necessitating blinds for campers that can be installed outside. To cover them more effectively, built-in valances in some treatments hide exposed head rails. At the same time, tailored cornice boards add stylish designer touches that cover them up – this doesn’t mean living with unsightly headrails alone.

To measure your window depth properly, place a metal measuring tape on the window at the bottom, top left and right sides and measure to the outermost part of the window frame. The smallest number is your window depth that will allow proper operation of the window.

Window/Door Operation

Windows and doors on your houseboat or RV can operate in different manners to open and close them. Is the window easy to open and close? Does it slide from side to side or upward and downward? Does it tilt in and out, or do they need to be pulled and pushed? Select shades or blinds that are easy to access and do not interfere with your trailer doors or windows. With remote control motorized coverings, you can operate them from the driver’s seat easily.

Your window treatment of choice as blinds for a camper should be out of the way when you open it so that you can open your windows and doors on RVs and houseboats. For windows that slide open horizontally, choose a specialty window treatment that opens in the same manner. Curtains and drapes work well in this situation. If your windows slide up and down or tilt in and out to open and close them, choose a window covering that works in the same manner, such as a roller shade or blinds.

Temperature Control

Choosing a covering that adds some extra insulation will keep your RV cool or cozy in different seasons and climates and reduce the need to run your generator for heating and cooling. This translates into great energy efficiency overall. Generally,

the thicker the window covering, the better insulation it will provide you from the bright sunlight or cold winds.

Day Night Shades

As for moveable homes and boats, always search for space-saving conveniences with dual functions, like premium light filtering/blackout cordless shades that offer both protection and privacy features. RV window shades that filter light while providing blackout lights at night provide both convenience and privacy to help ensure restful sleep during daytime drive time.

Hold-downs & Cord Cleats

Hold-down brackets are a must in a mobile environment as you travel by land or water. They keep the window treatments from flapping and slapping against the windows. The brackets will remove the noise of moving RV window coverings and also protect them from wearing out prematurely from banging on the windows and their surroundings. You can instead opt for cordless options that are also pet and child safe. Corded versions come with cord cleats to tie up the dangling cords.

Things To Consider Before Buying Shades or Blinds for RVs

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Ensuring Privacy in Your RV or Boat

The majority of RV parks and campgrounds, as well as boat docks, provide little seclusion. This is equally important as privacy for your bathroom windows in your home because your shower is inside your houseboat or RV. Cover windows with blinds for RV windows or other window coverings that protect your privacy, and thieves will be less likely to peek inside, giving you an added layer of security as well.

Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency

When it gets hot in the summer, cooling down RVs can be challenging. Adding shades can lower the temperature more quickly, stay cool longer, and run your camper more efficiently. Solar shades that block UV rays while letting in light will reflect heat and keep in the conditioned air you produce, while cellular shades will keep it in.

Protection from Sun Damage

Sun damage can be extremely costly to RVs and boats, as well as to people who live inside them. Shades make a big difference in protecting fixtures, furnishings, and your skin with RV window curtains and blinds.

Customizing for Specialty Windows

Blinds, shades, and drapes from your local home center will most likely not fit the specialty windows on your RV or boat. Rebecca Munster Design‘s designers will work with you to make sure you get the perfect fit – even if you have unique windows, obstructions, or limited space to install.

Achieving Darkness with Blackout Shades

If the streetlight or a dock light is shining right into your bedroom window, you can block that out with blackout shades. Blackout shades, as window coverings for campers also offer complete privacy, so you can take a nap uninterrupted.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

We recommend alternative window treatments instead of heavy curtains in RVs, as they can be wiped down or vacuumed easily. Heavy curtains can collect road dust and get grimy quickly. On boats, curtains can collect mildew.

Durability and Longevity

If blinds are constantly lowered to keep out the heat and raised to see the night sky, they can wear down more quickly. Operating in bumpy conditions, whether on the ocean or on the road, can damage them further. Choose window treatments that are durable and well-made so that they can withstand heavy usage for a long time.

Minimizing Noise and Vibrations

In addition to tilting blinds to adjust light and view, they may rattle while traveling. If you are concerned about noise, you should choose fabric shades, such as roller or roman shades, instead. For blinds or shades that do not bang around as you drive, you can also ask your window treatment designer for hold-down brackets. These brackets will keep your blinds or shades anchored to the wall.

Valances and Cornices for a Polished Look

Your motor home windows may come equipped with fabric-covered valances to match the upholstery of your motor home or houseboat. If you would like to keep these existing valances to conceal your shades, consult a designer to ensure the depth of these existing valances will accommodate new shades that might come. Alternatively, professional window treatment companies offer services that reupholster these existing valances to give them an updated style for RV or houseboat owners.

Reflecting Your Personal Style

To create a warm and welcoming ambiance, it is important to select a product that aligns with your unique style and personality. Custom window treatments offer a wide range of options to cater to your preferences.

Types of Window Treatments to Consider for Your Houseboat & RV Windows

Window Blinds for a Houseboat

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Stylish and durable, 2 inch premium faux wood blinds are easily maintained and resistant to moisture. They maintain their shape without cracking, warping, or fading due to changes in temperature.

Aluminum mini blinds are also a great choice for a durable product, and they now come in exciting new colors from which to choose.

Best RV Window Treatments

Cellular Shades for rv windows

Solar shades are affordable and block heat outside to keep you cool inside. They are modern style, durable and easy to clean, and protect from harmful UV sun rays.

Roller shades are also affordable, available in hundreds of fabrics, and they block light and give you complete privacy when closed. You can also choose light filtering or blackout fabrics for all sizes of windows.

Cellular shades are extremely energy efficient and come in the day/night option as well. The insulating fabric also blocks out external noises to enable better sleep quality.

Aluminum mini blinds are very durable and easy to clean, while being available in many colors. They are the least expensive option in most cases, and you can tilt the slats for better light control than some other options.

Planning a road trip?

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You have many different things to consider when choosing new window treatments for your RV or houseboat. They need to be durable, easy to clean, fit perfectly and operate properly while coordinating with your other furnishings. 

At Rebecca Munster Designs, we are your expert window covering company for specialty windows of all types for your RV and houseboat. We offer a huge variety of styles, colors, and types of custom window treatments and offer you a FREE consultation with one of our highly experienced designers. Contact us today to see all the options you have available.

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