Stylish Ways to Elevate Modern Interiors with Draperies

Stylish Ways To Elevate Modern Interiors with Draperies

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A living room curtain is as important to the design process as furniture, paint color, or wall hangings. Curtains or draperies can add both style and function to any room. The best living room curtain styles are those that give you the light you need and the privacy you want while complementing your decor. Read on to learn about some design tips and trends for modern interior draperies and curtains today.

stylish draperies for modern interiors

Adding Warmth and Texture: The Power of Patterned Draperies

Our collection of modern curtain ideas includes beautiful abstract patterns as well as more serene and simple designs so that you can add style, impact, and a unique design feature to your home.

Colorful geometric patterns create visual interest, and they can brighten and lighten up the mood in a room. These colorful, graphic modern curtains create a vibrant focal point in any room with their elegant pattern that is both intuitive and stylish.

Floral patterns add a softness to your windows to weigh out and balance the hard lines in any room, such as flooring and furniture or cabinets.

Abstract patterns in your curtains can add a bit of whimsy to a room or sophistication if you use smaller abstract patterns rather than larger ones.

Achieving Balance: Complementary Colors and Textures in Window Treatments

stylish modern interior draperies

When designing any interior space, balance is of paramount importance. It determines the flow of a room and is achieved by using symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial arrangements.

You can start with a four-color scheme in a room and then incorporate different textures to add depth and interest in any space. Mix patterns for a lot of interest and softness while balancing bold colors with neutrals, and then add in your accessories to tie everything in together in the room.

Making a Statement: Bold Drapes as a Striking Accent Wall

The right window treatments can create a focal point for a room. Bold patterns and colors can balance out other decorative elements in your home decor. It is important to choose colors and patterns that will make your window treatments or wall draping ideas pop and stand out from other elements of the room. You can choose any bold color that you pick up from other elements in your room and echo them in your curtains as wall decor.

Also, hang your curtains high and wide beyond the window frame and have them floor length for the best results in making them a focal point.

For warm-toned walls (red, orange, beige, or yellow), go for curtains with hues similar to the walls. Pick curtains a shade lighter or darker than the walls for cool-toned walls (blue, purple, green, or gray).

Layered Elegance: Creating Depth and Interest with Multiple Curtain Styles

Layering your curtains will add depth, functionality, and interest to your windows. Using multiple curtains in a space can not only create a sense of texture and softness but can also create a layered design with a mix of colors, patterns, and styles.

You can choose sheer panels for your first layer closest to the window and then add thicker stylish drape panels on top. This allows you the ultimate in lighting control, so you can leave both sets of curtains closed for thermal protection and a room darkening effect, or you can open both for bright sunshine or just leave the sheer panels closed for beautiful glowing filtered light.

Add decorative side panels to any window treatment to give it a sense of elegance and lovely aesthetics. The side panels are not usually functional, but they look grand when you choose a luxurious fabric. This technique works well as curtain decorating ideas for living rooms.

The addition of a valance as a top treatment for drapes and curtains design ideas covers your drapery hardware and gives you a finished appearance. If your curtains are a solid color or have a small pattern, choose a larger pattern in a complementary color for a great focal point.

Perfecting the Ambiance: Sheers and Blackout Curtains for Light Control

Controlling sunlight exposure in your home is of vital importance as its presence brings with it harmful UV rays that could damage furnishings, as well as the heat that comes with summer sunshine.

Choosing sheer curtain panels as your first layer and adding blackout curtains for your second layer gives you great lighting control, and it helps to control the temperature in your home to make it more energy efficient. Close both sets of curtain styles in the summer to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows. This will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, so you use less energy to stay at a comfortable temperature all year long for classy living room curtains. In fact, this type of layering of curtains will pay for itself over time with your savings on energy costs from your room transformation.

Linen and voile are good choices for your sheer layer, and they are available in many different colors from which to choose. For your room darkening curtains, choose heavyweight polyester or a polyester and cotton blend, heavy microfiber or blackout fabric.

Elevate Your Space with Inspired Window Treatment Ideas

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Elevate your space while adding your own personality and style to your window treatments. Well-chosen window coverings can have a major impact on a room’s overall ambiance and style. Experiment with modern interior draperies, complementary colors, layered styles, and unique drapery rod styles for a finishing touch to elevate your interiors. 

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