Modern Window Coverings for Large Windows

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Modern Window Coverings for Large Windows: 10 Ways to make it Feel more Intimate

People with large windows often feel that their space seems overwhelming, causing them to cover up the window with heavy drapes. However, this does not have to be your solution! Here are ten ideas for incorporating your window into the overall design of the room without shutting out all of its natural light with modern window coverings for large windows.

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1) Use a sheer fabric – If you want some privacy but still want to let in light, try white or pale sheers. They will provide enough coverage while allowing some light through and adding softness and texture to the room. Some fabrics come with slight patterns which will add another interesting element to the room as well.

2) Add a unique window treatment – A great way of having fun with your window is by adding a unique window treatment. A drawstring or chain can be used to drape simple fabric over the rod, resulting in something that’s an eye-catching focal point for the room. If you’re crafty, you could even try making your own!

3) Add seating – Give yourself more options by adding some seating near your window so that if you find yourself wanting to take advantage of the natural light but aren’t up for standing there all day, you can come to sit and enjoy it instead. Ottomans are especially great for this because they can easily be moved around – making them great décor pieces as well.

4) Paint one wall – Painting only one wall with a bold color is another of adding interest without closing off your room. This will create the feeling of a separate space and it’s an easy way to add some color without committing to a larger painted project.

5) Paint a feature wall – Maybe you want more than one bold color, or maybe you just have the perfect spot for the main color in your room. Whatever the case may be, painting a wall will draw attention to itself and give your window more purpose by having something that draws focus towards it as well as away from it at the same time.

6) Add curtains – While drapes can sometimes close off too much space, remember that they’re not always just covering windows – there are many creative ways to work them into your decor. For instance, adding curtain rods horizontally instead of vertically will result in a more open feeling.

7) add some plants – Adding living things is an easy way to bring nature into your window without closing it off with heavy drapes.

8) Use curtains to separate the room – If you have multiple windows, but they are close together, consider using curtains or simple dividers to make them feel like separate spaces.

9) Use sheer panels for privacy – Or if you happen to have multiple windows that are far apart and want something more substantial, sheers can also be used as full-height panels that allow light through while still maintaining privacy.

10) Paint your wall color on your ceiling – Using the same paint color on your ceiling as you do on your walls is a simple way to make your ceilings feel higher. This will also allow light to bounce off of the ceiling and back into the room, making it seem more open.

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