Strategies for Creating the Illusion of Larger Windows with Window Treatments

Strategies for Creating the Illusion of Larger Windows with Window Treatments

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A small space doesn’t have to feel confined. Using mirrors strategically can trick the eye into thinking it’s larger. Colors and light can also make your small space seem bigger. The right curtains can add style and interest to your decor, make your room look bigger, and create the appearance of larger windows. With the right window treatment, you can completely transform the appearance of your home.

If you choose the right window treatments, you can make a space appear luxurious without making any major renovations. Read on to learn which window treatments will maximize your space with the illusion of larger windows.

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Amplify Window Size with Combined Curtains and Shades

Just as curtains can give an illusion of greater width by being hung several inches wider than the window frame, window shades can also give the illusion of greater height. Hang your shades right under the curtain rod to give the illusion of greater height and increase your level of functionality. This also gives your home an elegant and sleek appearance while being highly energy efficient.

Transform Your Space by Covering Walls with Curtains

By extending your draperies from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall surrounding your window, you make the window appear larger. This occurs because the boundary between the window and the wall is unclear.

Hang Your Rod Higher for the Illusion of Larger Windows

Window treatment strategies for larger windows

Install an extra long curtain rod at the ceiling or near it for floor-length drapes to create the illusion of bigger, taller windows. This basically combines two window tricks into one – genius.

Utilizing Fabric Patterns to Maximize Window Impact

A vertically oriented fabric will create the illusion of width in a small window. A horizontally oriented fabric will add height to your windows. The most common vertical pattern is stripes, of course.

Making Your Curtains the Center of Attention

Select a curtain featuring a striking and attention-grabbing pattern that diverts focus from other elements and directs it upward, creating the illusion of a taller ceiling. The curtains may be chosen in any color, pattern, and fabric to suit your preference.

Elongate Your Windows with Stunning Floor Length Curtains

hang rod higher for larger windows

Depending on how long your curtains are, they can take up a lot of space. Floor-length curtains make a room seem taller since they brush against the floor. Longer curtains, such as puddle length, have fabric touching the floor. This can make quite a room transformation.

A pair of apron-length curtains frame the window perfectly below the window sill. They can blend in with the surrounding walls, making the space seem larger. Sill-length curtains reveal the window sill, which can make the windows appear smaller, but the rest of the room will seem larger in comparison to this style.

Taking Drapes All the Way to the Ceiling for Grand Windows

Installing a curtain rod at the top of a window allows you to add height to the room, as well as letting your curtains drape elegantly. Most designers choose to hang the curtain rod six inches above the top of the window frame. Putting your curtain rods over 6 inches above the frame will give your room a regal look and give you great light control. Instead of breaking up the wall line, you’ll create a seamless visual between the ceiling and the floor. When you close the curtains, the illusion of floor-to-ceiling windows will be created. As a result, the room will seem larger as well.

Covering the Entire Wall for a Window Enlargement Effect

If your window and wall it is on is minimal, you make the entire wall look grand by covering the whole wall with curtains or drapes. This will make it appear that your window is the same size as the entire wall when they are closed, for maximum visual appeal.

Using Blinds instead of Drapes for Smaller Windows

Some blinds are commonly used in small spaces, such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, and Roman blinds. If you would like to make an area seem larger, use one of these options, as they allow maximum sunlight to flood the space, as well as the ability to block out natural light and give you privacy when needed. Don’t forget to keep the color palette light in your interior design to make it airy to maintain the feeling of an open area.

Positioning Shades Outside the Window Frame for Added Window Space

roman shades to make windows larger

Window shades can be a practical solution to make your windows look larger through mounting options. Roman shades look especially great for extending your window size when you mount them outside the window frame, as much as six inches on each side of the frame. This makes your window look wider and adds to a room’s aesthetics. Roman shades open and close up and down or vertically, which also makes your windows look taller than horizontal window coverings.

Consult Rebecca Munster About How To Make Windows Look Bigger

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