Design specialists in Maryland


If you want a design feature that draws others in, adorn your property with custom shutters in Poolesville, MD. Shutters bring an appealing aesthetic to any style building, especially with a team of creative professionals to help them really shine. 

Why not call Rebecca Munster Designs? We specialize in creating stunning window treatments that will transform your space overnight.

More Than Visual Appeal

Value of Shutters

Taking the time to consider your window coverings can pay off. With the right choice of shutters, local businesses can attract new customers, and homeowners can increase their property values. They also serve a dual purpose: outdoor aesthetic and light control.

Let the artistic team at Rebecca Munster Designs supply your space with showstopping shutters—call us today!

Trustworthy Brands and Products

Window Treatment Vendors and Brands

Why does our boutique carry a variety of name brands? We want to make your shutter selection easy. Choose a sophisticated design from any of the following:

  • Kravet
  • Fabricut
  • Greenhouse
  • York
  • Charlotte
  • Schumacher
  • Pendler
  • Maxwell
  • Carole

We also collaborate with different window treatment vendors, including Comfortex, Norman Window Fashions, Graber, and Hunter Douglas, for a vast range of specialty shutters.

Shutter Types for All Tastes

Shutter Materials

There are several available materials for high-quality shutters in Poolesville, MD. If you want durability, wood and vinyl shutters are popular choices. They’re also easy for business owners and homeowners to keep clean.

Why not let our talented artisans cultivate the ideal shutter for your property using solid materials and a creative eye? Your window treatments are sure to stand out. 

Finding the Perfect Shutters for You

Interior Shutters

Do you want to make the most out of your small space? Cover the windows with interior shutters. These window coverings attach to the window frame as a simple way to create visual appeal, even in a limited space. Shutters control natural light compared to other interior shades. Let them help you customize your interior—just select a color to complement the room's tone and build a cohesive design.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are known for their compact design. They fit directly in the window frame to take up less space than other window coverings. This style of shutter is popular if you have young children or safety concerns because they do not feature dangling cords. You can also select motorization options to open and shut them with ease.

Exterior Shutters

As windows have become more durable, adorning them with exterior shutters has become less about protection and more about aesthetics. However, the right style of exterior shutters can ramp up the overall look of the home or building while still offering an extra layer of protection.

Louvre Shutters

The traditional design for shutters will feature louvers, which describes the fixed slats that sit at an angle and let in the sunlight. Originally, the angle of the louvers could not adjust. Today’s products offer much greater versatility.