Upholstery is a wonderful way to preserve memories, recycle and repurpose wellmade furniture, and provides an opporunity to completely customize your furniture.

It is not the cheap way to get new furniture but it is a really great way and is comparable to purchasing a really nice piece of furniture.

Once it is time to begin work on your piece we start by:

  • taking the old cover off the furniture.

  • checking the springs, cushions, and joints. If small adjustments are needed we will make those as part of your price. If we find anything significant we will contact you and discuss the best course of action.

  • making any updates to the exposed portions of the frame (refinish, paint, or clean up).

  • adding and updating padding as needed

  • making patterns and cutting out the fabric.

  • sewing cushions and other components of your piece that require machine sewing.

  • putting all the new pieces on the furniture.

  • completing the finishing (trim, nail heads, hand stitching)

We are trained in all the professional methods and use professional tools to complete your important pieces!